Adding The Source Back Into Zookeepr

While Zookeepr has always been an open source project, its development model has not been the most wonderous thing ever invented. Every year the current LCA team has created a branch and then disappeared for 12 months, hopefully turning up at the other end with code to merge. This has led to a very disjoint development process.

Some work is being done to try and rectify this situation. The first step towards this road is moving all our infrastructure to github. It is hoped that the social attitude to development that github seems to produce will rub off on Zookeepr :)

We are also going to spend the next few weeks gearing up to a release. This means that anyone should be able to download the code and get it running on their own machine.

Part of this will be cleaning up the install process as well as documenting the deployment process.

It is hoped that this year that the LCA team will perform their development (hopefully just bug fixes) out in the open utilising github and the mailing list as much as possible in the hope that others can help them achieve their goals.

The next step will be to try and de-LCA-ify Zookeepr so that other conferences can begin to make use of it.